Friday, August 21, 2009

Found a cool Podiatrist

I went to a Podiatrist today. Because I had to.

I had a minor mishap landing my parachute on Sunday. I flared too early and came down really hard. I would've been alright, had I kept my legs together, but instead my right foot landed first. Really hard. Let's just say, I had to be carried back into the hanger.

I didn't go to the doctor right away. It didn't hurt too bad, and I got my roommate to get a pair of crutches for me, kept the foot on ice and spent a few days dragging myself to work. It wasn't until at the urging of mom, did I finally relent. I had Tylee make an appointment for me. She found Dr. Wolff.

I got to his office, but apparently there's some miscommunication, and they had the appointment down for next Thursday. But the receptionist said they'll see me anyways.

Then as I was waiting, this guy came out. I thought he was a patient, at first. Nicely dressed in a sports jacket, round glasses, I would guess about 50 to 60 years old, very distinguished looking. Exactly what a doctor would look like if you had to picture it. That was Dr. Wolff.

He looked at me and asked me how I got that way and I told him. He then asked, "did you get that thing x-rayed?". I answered, "no, not yet." He immediately said, "well, I was on my way to the hospital (next door), why don't I just x-ray you real quick."

So I followed him, hopped on the x-ray machine and had two pictures taken. He was concerned that I may have a fracture, especially after I took off the wrapping on my foot.

I only had to wait a little while before he came back with the x-ray film. He told me I was lucky... no fracture that he could see. He gave me a little hard time for waiting so long to see a doctor. Okay mom, you're right.

Dr Wolff fitted me up with a cool plastic velcro cast for my foot. This cast is pretty fancy, even has a pump to put pressure so blood don't pool at the bottom. Awesome. We chatted while the receptionist rang me up for the cast.

I really like this doc. He was more concerned about my well-being than I was, which is exceedingly rare. I just felt really comfortable trusting him, and obviously he loved his job and helping people. So... I'll be seeing him in 2 weeks and he'll give me a lighter brace to wear.

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